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For most of us, amongst our greatest fears is that of having our cars stolen.  With limited means to protect them when we are out and about, it’s not as uncommon as you think!  If you want to do everything you can to make your car as safe as possible from anyone who has bad intentions, here are some tips.

Top tips for how to make your car as safe as possible

Here are some universal tips to help you protect your car as much as possible when you are out and about and want to make sure that you keep your car safe.

  • Lock it every time you leave it: Even if you’re running into a store “just for a minute”, you’ll want to lock your car every single time. With smart locks the way that they are, now, it isn’t inconvenient to unlock your car even if you have your hands full.  An unlocked car is immediately vulnerable to your possessions in it and the car being stolen itself.
  • Don’t keep anything that even looks valuable within sight: Whether it’s a cell phone or an empty tote bag, don’t leave anything that looks even remotely valuable within sight in your car. Thieves will use that as an excuse to break in.  Keep your car clean and empty so that it’s unappealing to those who would consider breaking in.
  • Have an audible alarm installed and announced: If you want to give would-be thieves a run for their money, install an audible alarm that goes off when someone tries to tamper with your car after you’ve locked it. You might want to announce it just to help deter people, but don’t stop at the warning — actually have the alarm enabled so that anyone who decides to try their luck gets a fight!
  • Close the windows all the way every time: Whenever you leave your car parked, even on a hot day, close your windows every single time. An open window is an immediate invitation to steal your valuables or your car itself. 
  • Park in high-traffic areas: As much as possible, park your car in popular areas with lots of light and foot/car traffic. It will deter anyone from trying to cause a problem, since they can so easily be caught.  It also keeps you safe, too, which is great as a bonus.

Safety is key

When it comes to protecting the substantial investment that you have on your car, safety is crucial.  You need to make sure that you do everything in your power to protect your car from theft.  Not only will it help keep your car safe, but it also will help you out with insurance claims, too, which sometimes can disqualify you from a payout if you did something like, for example, leave the windows down or the car running.

Cars become more of a target as they get more expensive, so the newer your car, the more precautions that you’re going to want to take to keep it safe!

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