Secure Your Vehicle

A Locksmiths Rotherham can supply and fit deadlocks to your car or van to instantly improve the security of your vehicle. The impact on your livelihood can be devastating with your vehicle is broken into. Most thieves are opportunistic, they are looking for owners who have not taken the necessary steps to secure their vehicles against break ins. If an opportunistic thief is to see a deadlock it will not present a challenge to them, it will provide an obstacle that they want or need and in most cases will move onto a less challenging vehicle to try and break into.

Securing your vehicle against thieves is your first line of defence in fighting back against thieves. A deadlock is your way of doing this.

Talk to us today about securing your vehicle in the first line of defence against thieves in your area.

A Locksmiths recommend the T-Series of deadlocks, focusing on the L4V Hook Lock, deadlocks and replocks for the Ford Transit and Transit Custom vans. 

We offer a full range of products, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options. We have experts ready to take your call. 

 How does it work?

The L4V Hook Lock is a mechanical deadlock operating independently from the manufacturers’ locking system. A deadlocking hook bolt engages into its opposing body section. Operated by its high-security external key under full control of the driver. Suitable for owner-drivers or applications where the driver can be relied upon to operate the lock.


 T Series Features:

  • Keys are manufactured from nickel silver for strength and durability.
  • Key bow (head) designed specifically for automotive applications, providing extra grip and comfort in use.

We are able to supply and fit deadlocks at your home or place of work and cover the entirety of South and West Yorkshire